7 Bollywood fashion trends to follow in 2017

By Nikita Sachdev

Fashion trends come and go but some styles are too good to let go. By taking a look at the Bollywood divas and runways we can predict the fashion for the coming months. So get your wardrobe ready with these styles if you don’t already own them.
This summer is going to see some romantic vibes as ruffles, off shoulder tops, midis and more frills are here to stay. Even though these were big trends during the previous year, looks like they have no plan to go out of fashion as the B-town divas continue to flaunt these trends.

1) Off shoulder tops and dresses: This season, once again we dare to bare, at least when it comes to our shoulders. This trend was a rage in the 90’s but now it has evolved and taken the more feminine route. There is a stunning variety of the off shoulder top ranging from the crop top to the crisp sailor top.The style also looks amazing in a dress.You could opt for a mini dress with elasticated neckline and bell sleeves. If your heading for a formal evening you could also give an embroidered off shoulder top a try, just like actor Shraddha Kapoor.

2) Cut out gown: If you want to show off a little skin without looking scandalous this trend will make the perfect cut for you. Draw some inspiration from actor Amy Jackson on how to rock the style. Amy wore the one shouldered cut out gown with cuts defining her waist. Not just that her own also had a thigh high slit with gave the ensemble a classy touch.

3) Cotton jumpsuit: Who likes to wear tight and fitted fabrics in summers? Summers are all about dressing in easy and breezy fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Checkout Athiya’s cotton jumpsuit. Isn’t it the perfect definition of comfort? You could opt for this outfit for a Sunday brunch or even for a casual day at work. It would make you feel as laid back as ever!

4) Slogan tee: Let your tee do the talking! Ever heard about wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well! this trend is about wearing your thoughts on your tee. When you’re in not in a mood to spend too much time on dressing up, this is the look you can opt for. You could style your tee with simple jeans and sneakers. But, if you want to fancy it up a little pair your slogan tee with midi skirts or even a patiala salwar if you’re feeling experimental. They not only look cool but they are also a sneaky way of expressing what you’re feeling.

5) Ruffles: Who says ruffles are just for little girls? Gone are those days when ruffles were a thing for young girls, now you’d see them from ramp to Bollywood. From necklines to skirts and dresses, the trend is making it big this season. If you like to keep it simple this you could instead opt for statement jewelry with ruffles or a handbag. Are you thrilled to experience the frilled life?

6) Midi skirt: Midi skirts can make you look chubby and be a little difficult to wear, especially if you haven’t found the right one yet. Midi skirts are not just for tall girls but short girls too can carry them when styled correctly. The trick is to keep the style low key and simple. you could pair you’re midi skirt with a crop top or a tank. For a formal occasion pair them with stilettos and for a casual day pair it with sneakers


7) Bell sleeves: If you like to inject a little drama into your outfit you could do it with the help of this statement sleeve. This is not a new trend or something that has just emerged the bell sleeves are a trend from the 70’s. the sleeves are fitted on the shoulder and flaring out wide toward the wrist, the bell sleeve is the same as it always was, yet totally different. You could go from fitted dresses with bell sleeves to a simple top with extra wide flares. Keep the rest of your look minimal to highlight the sleeves.


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